Cody Espinoza

It took a long time for my son to persuade me to get a dog. My perception of dog ownership was very negative. I only thought about making vacations more difficult, I thought I was already over-loaded with responsibilities and cannot handle any addition. But it became clear to me that it was important that i suck it up and do this for my son. With my sister’s help, we found and purchased a French Bulldog online from After about 24 hours, I was a changed man. I’m a proud dog grandaddy and I love Rick. The three of us are a more complete family. I wanted to write this mainly to thank caytlinbryerspets re-homing  and to share my experience with everyone. I don’t know much about puppies but i can’t imagine a sweeter, more awesome puppy than we got. We’ve had Rick for over 3 months and have had multiple check-ups with the vet and we were sold a happy & healthy puppy.

Thank you so much caytlin bryer, you rock!